Connect AWS Quicksight to an RDS in a VPC

I had a lot of trouble trying to connect AWS Quicksight with an RDS following this guide:

So here is my own guide for the next one trying to get the security groups in place. I still recommend to read the guide as I will not explain some basics here.


What we want to achieve is connecting quicksight to an RDS instance in a VPC without giving it public access.


So we need a user with enough permissions to modify quicksight, rds and security groups.

Overview Network

The diagram shows what we want to achieve:


These are the steps to achieve:

  1. Create a security group SG-1 “quicksight-vpc” to allow traffic incoming from quicksight to the RDS instance and outgoing traffic from the RDS instance to quicksight in two steps 1 and 3 as:
  • Inbound rules: All TCP, TCP, 0–65535, -
  • Outbound rules: Custom TCP, TCP, your RDS PORT, -

2. Create SG-2 “Quicksight-access” to allow incoming traffic from SG-1 to your RDS instance as:

  • Inbound rules: Custom TCP, TCP, your RDS port, SG-1
  • Outbound rules: All traffic, All, All,

3. Modify SG-1 to accept connections in both directions from SG-2 as:

  • Inbound rules: All TCP, TCP, 0–65535, SG-2
  • Outbound rules: Custom TCP, TCP, your RDS PORT, SG-2

4. Add SG-2 to your RDS instance security groups

5. Go to quicksight and create a VPC connection with the ID SG-1 and any subnet group which is used by your RDS instance


6. After this you can check that a network interface was created with SG-1 allowing the desired incoming and outgoing traffic

7. Go to quicksights > data source and use the created VPC connection to reach your RDS instance

To connect further RDS instances to quicksight we just need to add SG-2 to the instance security groups and modify SG-1 port(s)


This way we created a way to connect Quicksight to our RDS instance without making it public. I still have to find out how to implement this in CDK.

I hope this helps you!

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